About us

1. Corporate Profile

Middle East Modern Lighting Co. “MOSTAFA ALI” has been established since 1945 in manufacturing lighting luminaries.
Middle East Modern Lighting Co “MOSTAFA ALI” as a joint Stock company is the leading companies in manufacturing indoor & outdoor lighting systems in Egypt & Middle East. Our factories are in Tanash-Giza & 6 of October City.

Middle East Modern Lighting Co. “MOSTAFA ALI” have technological center, photometric and laboratory to measure and test all units have been produced according to the international specifications and measurements

Middle East Modern Lighting Co. “MOSTAFA ALI”. All have outstanding experience of more than 64 years in designing, manufacturing and sales in lighting industry.

2. Vision & Mission

• Vision

To keep and develop our relation with our clients & taking our products to the highest International quality standards.
• Mission

To provide clients with world class lighting Units that optimizes their vision, Maximizes productivity and maintains customer satisfaction.